1. This was super touching, and so refreshing to read! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences. I enjoy reading your posts. 🙂

  2. What a beautiful letter to have from the start of your marriage! You and Junwen are such a perfect match for each other!! I can just imagine little Christine Jr reading this some day, and hearing directly about her parents’ amazing love story <3 <3 <3

    It's funny that even back then you wrote "all of the details of how I exactly started falling for you have started to blur." I was recently telling the story of Jay and my summer in the Academy, and trying to explain why I fell in love with him, but all the "reasons" I put forth seemed inadequate to fully explain what happened. Having this document to cherish and look back on and remind you of things is really incredible. Maybe you should write another for your 5 year anniversary (how is that this year already?!)

    • thedutchinesecouple@gmail.com

      Oh I really like that idea!!! No I LOVE that idea! Thanks for the suggestion! We could do it every five years, and it would be neat to see how the vocabulary and content evolves (or doesn’t). And yea, how can it be five years this coming October? :-O It’s funny…I was re-reading a document we co-wrote about our vision for the marriage, and one thing we included was “kids after four years”….hahaha! ::sideways glance::

      I’m thankful for these letters as well…What is also cool is that if I were to dig through Junwen’s old folder, I could find the ten letters I wrote to him during my trip to Svalbard—which happened just days after we officially became girlfriend/boyfriend. Those letters would be even more detailed and immediate! Maybe that would also be a good 5-year anniversary occurrence. 😉 (The reason I wrote ten was because he presented me with a list of ten reasons why he liked me on the night he asked me out. I still have that, too!)

  3. I thoroughly enjoy your writing! I found this very heartwarming, especially when you shared your touching love-letter. I can certainly understand why you are both so well-suited & love each other so deeply. ?

  4. Rachel

    Hooray for white female/Asian male couples…I’m with ya! Most People however think my hubby is Mexican instead of Filipino and with the last name solis it is easy to think that way. Great blog though…keep it coming

    • thedutchinesecouple@gmail.com

      ::High Five:: Yay awesome! 😀 Junwen has told me in the past that a lot of Filipinos have Spanish surnames because of the Spanish exploration/colonialism…I have to confess though, that I did not know he was Filipino either! I didn’t think Mexican, but I assumed Latino. I’m glad to know the actual case!

      Have you guys ever visited the Philippines together? Does he have any family over there still? Do you guys celebrate any Filipino holidays? ::So many questions:: ^_^ <3

  5. Did you actually write a caption saying “What would attract a Caucasian female to an Asian guy?” Why the f did you even bother writing a blog justifying why you are with this guy as if he is inferior to you ?

    • Jenni Kissinger

      Did you actually write a comment without reading the content of the blog post? Why the f did you even bother commenting when you only read the title?

      • Haha! Thanks for the support, Jenni. 😉 Marianaxox I would highly recommend reading posts prior to leaving comments. Granted, the title is meant to grab your attention, but a title is only Step 1.

        But in case you decide not to…In short, the title is a quote that an Asian man asked us when he saw we were together. I was just as shocked by the question as you are, and the point of this blog post was to combat the incorrect cultural view that any race is superior. If you read the article, you’ll see that this Asian man was *actually taught in school* that because of emasculating stereotypes of Asian men in the media, that white women are less likely to be interested in dating Asian men. Because of this, he approached us and asked us that question point blank.

        My subtitle was a play on words, a play on his question to be exact. The reasons I list out for being attracted to my husband are all race unrelated, and have more to do with his character and personality. (Of course, I celebrate his culture and he does mine, but that is different than finding one superior or inferior.) The point, if you read it, is that obviously I am not attracted to my husband because he is Asian, or in spite of his ethnicity. Rather, I am attracted to his person.

        One goal of this blog is to help people look more than skin deep, and one minor goal of this post was to gently redirect any readers who *do* have misguided views on race superiority. All you have to do is search Google a bit to see how the White male is privileged, played as “the hunk” or “heart throb” in movies, etc., while the Asian male is often relegated to certain roles such as martial arts fighter, wise man, or “model citizen”. This post is meant to demonstrate with our own lives not only that interracial relationships are beautiful and wonderful things, but that the Asian male is also awesome and deserving more than the stereotypes that the media puts on him. The end goal is for this question never again to be asked!

        (And if anything…when I first met Junwen I felt he was MUCH superior to me—I thought he was this lively, popular prince and I was the milk maid shyly standing in the corner.) Hopefully that clears things up, and maybe you can try reading before commenting next time! ;-D I am certainly glad that you are on our team, and hopefully you can help us to fight the stereotypes!

  6. Suigetsu

    Just be glad that you haven’t been approached by a white person with the same question (or have you?).

    Great post, and great blog. Looking forward to reading more of your stories.

    • Thanks, Suigetsu! You’re right, if the question came from a white person, it wouldn’t be a “funny story” to share, as the question would appear to come from a place of superiority rather than curiosity. Thankfully that hasn’t been the case…Even (and especially) when we go home to Wisconsin to visit my predominantly white community, we have only been met with acceptance and love. We’re pretty blessed in that sense!

      Thinking about it now, I think people are generally curious about how we got together, but it comes out more in the question of, “So how did you two meet?” That’s also a generic question you can ask any couple, though, so it may just be that.

      Anyways, thanks again for stopping by, looking forward to more conversations! 😀

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