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    Christine here! Just wanted to share my thoughts on it! I enjoyed it, though it definitely *was* bitter and I can understand why young Junwen wouldn’t like it for that reason. (Kids typically have a pickier palate.) I enjoyed eating it with rice, because on its own the flavor was too strong for me. Adding prawns (shrimp) and garlic made it very tasty! I also enjoyed the texture. It reminded me of okra, in that it was slippery, plus it had a kind of light, porous feel (for lack of a better term) that made it very interesting on the tongue.

    Maybe not something a typical American would imagine eating, but definitely worth the experience!

  2. You can’t post food pics and interesting recipes without a generic recipe, even if it’s “a couple bitter gourds, cut up and soaked in salt water for 30 min, fried in 4 Tbsp butter, with half pound of peeled raw shrimp and 5 cloves minced garlic.” I’ve wanted to try this vegetable, but it’s a bit intimidating.

    • The Dutchinese Couple

      Sorry for the delay, Matt! I’ve asked Junwen if he would supply a basic recipe—he said he needs to scratch is head and try to remember. I think it was one of those dishes that he made up on the spot!

    • Sorry for the delay. Here’s the rough recipe which I (Junwen) used for the dish. As you probably know, it’s not very precise because I cooked the dish spontaneously without really measuring the ingredients.

      1. Butter (1 stick)
      2. Bitter gourd (1 melon, medium-sized, sliced)
      3. Minced Garlic (approximately 4 teaspoons)
      4. Shrimp (approximately 6-8 pieces, medium or large-sized, peeled)

      1. Place 1 stick of butter into frying pan
      2. After the butter has melted, add 4 teaspoons of minced garlic into the pan and fry the garlic for approximately 2 minutes
      3. Add the shrimp into the pan and pan-fry for approximately 3-5 minutes
      4. Add the sliced bitter gourd into the pan
      5. Pan-fry the contents for approximately 15 minutes or when the shrimp and bitter gourd are well-cooked (In my personal opinion, for this dish specifically, it is better to over-cook than under-cook)

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