kiss3What would attract a White girl to an Asian guy?
“Hey, I couldn’t help noticing that you two are a couple, so I just wanted to ask you, ‘What would attract a White girl to an Asian guy?’”

It was a Sunday morning. Junwen and I were walking out of the Santa Monica High School auditorium, where we had just attended a church service, when a young Asian man ran up to us to ask this question.  Without thinking I burst into laughter and turned my face into Junwen’s shoulder, I suppose out of awkwardness and complete surprise. [Read more…]


Our Engagement Story
This weekend was our 5th wedding anniversary! Five has felt like a milestone. Junwen mentioned that it feels more like ten! The reason for that, I suppose, is because of all the things that have happened in just a few measly years…bar examinations, job transitions, church transitions, graduation…I was thinking about what to write in light of this big anniversary and I realized I had never blogged our engagement story…so, first things first! [Read More…]

LinWhat’s in a Name? The Name Change
We have been married for almost three years, but I *finally* took care of my name change once and for all. Whether or not to change one’s name when getting married is not so cut and dry. And if changing, what to change it to, exactly? This was my dilemma. [Read More]


computerDefense Mechanisms
Defense mechanisms. We all have them…and no, I don’t mean what you picked up in karate lessons as a kid. I mean the way we react to situations that make us anxious, stressed or troubled. [Read More…]



singapore-weddingHow my Husband Teaches me about Grace
My husband helps teach me what grace is.

Many of you may already know that for the past 1.5 weeks, I’ve had horrible upper back pain. The kind of pain that never goes away, it’s always there no matter what position you put yourself in. (After going to the chiropractor today, I learned I had a couple separated ribs…ouch!!) Every night for the past week, I’ve woken up in agony, unable to find a position to lie in that I could fall back asleep…[Read More…]

Kids…?Ellie baptism and us
I’m not even sure how to start this topic, so I’m just going to jump right in. Last night, while we were lying together on our living room’s beige carpet after a long day’s work, I asked Junwen, “Do you think we’ll EVER have a kid?” [Read More…]



Lessons from The Little Mermaid, Part One: Eric’s Lession
One of my favorite aspects, however, is actually part of Eric’s story. His is analogous to anyone who has ever formed a crush on an acquaintance or celebrity, and has built an imaginary perfect soulmate around this person. You know what I’m talking about. [Read More…]

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