"Evolution Pillow"...The travel pillow that (DOESN'T) work! Maybe my neck is too long? It still strains.

“Evolution Pillow”…The travel pillow that (DOESN’T) work! Maybe my neck is too long? It still strains.

Sleep on the Plane?
You would think I learned my lesson, after my last trip to Singapore. Being the diligent graduate student that I was, I decided it would be most productive of me to work the full 22 hours it would take me to fly from L.A. through Tokyo to Singapore. I figured that by staying awake that entire time, when I arrived in Singapore I would be SO EXHAUSTED that I would simply collapse in bed and magically be over jet lag. At the same time, I’d accomplish so much towards my thesis that my conscious would be clear when I was out having fun with friends and family.

NEVER—I repeat—NEVER try this at home, kids. Worst. Idea. Ever. [Read More…]


My soya based ramen with all the fixings.

My soya based ramen with all the fixings.

Kon’nichiwa from Japan!
Hi everyone! Kon’nichiwa! I am traveling in Japan for a work conference and decided to try to blog about my (limited) experiences while I’m here! [Read More…]



The Senso-ji TempleIMG_4321
You can tell how busy this conference has been, since I haven’t been able to update the blog nightly like I had planned! So I’ll just have to tell the story of my trip post-travel.  But let’s at least try to get through last Sunday morning! After a night of walking the street market, we woke up early to do a little sightseeing at Sensō-ji Temple in Asakusa.  Built around 645, it is Tokyo’s oldest Buddhist temple. Supposedly, in 628, two brothers were fishing in the Sumida River when they caught a statue of Kannon, the goddess of mercy. [Read More…]


Traveling by Train in Japan
…We then embarked on our lengthy trip from Tokyo to Ise, a remote area where our conference was held. (Holding the conference in a remote area is standard, so as to prevent attendees from wandering off to explore instead of attending the sessions!) Our trip required a train ride from our hotel to Tokyo Station, where we transferred to the fastest train in the world: the Shinkansen. [Read More…]

IMG_0135Joshua Tree National Park: A Playground for the Adventurous!
Did you know that Joshua Trees bloom? I didn’t! Oh, what IS a Joshua Tree? Keep scrolling and you’ll see pictures! I found out last week from a co-worker that they were in bloom when she visited Joshua Tree National Park over the weekend, so I called up the Ranger Station to find out how long before the blooms died off! They warned me that the blooms had already peaked and were on their way out. That meant the Lins would take an impromptu trip to Joshua Tree on Saturday! [Read More…]

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