1. Mom

    So glad you are married to a wise and caring man. It makes our separation a little easier, although there are days I would love to hear your joyful voice in the house. There is peace in accepting God’s plan for our lives as the right path, and knowing that we can’t see the big picture but he always has the best worked out for us.

    As far as Grandma Gabes illness, she hid it very well from family. She didn’t want us to worry. Please don’t be hard on yourself. You two had a special relationship, something to treasure in your memories! To grieve the loss of that during every stage of your changing life is understandable. As Junwen said, it was a part of your identity. It still is when you remember all your times together and how it shaped you.

    Love you! God bless you both as you obediently follow and live for him where he has planted you!

    • Yeah, he’s a pretty special guy. ;-D Moments like these help me to really remember and realize that amidst the daily grind. <3

      Thanks for the comment about Grandma. I really did find it surprising to start crying like that. It feels so long ago, but...I guess there was a lot of things contributing to the emotions. I like how you put it..."To grieve the loss of that during every stage of your life is understandable."

      Love you, too! ^_^

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